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Freebie Shorts #11 (A Four Horsemen Christmas Holiday)


"Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You know, letting War host Christmas dinner this year. He's not exactly known for his cooking skills. Even his magicked food doesn't turn out."

Death laughs and says, "I think that's why Tao said his mom would be doing the cooking. Tao would do it himself but he's about ready to pop. He actually said that if War told him to relax and put his feet up one more time he'd throttle him."

Laughing I say, "I understand what he's going through. Guess we better get going then."

Death opens the door for me and says, "After you love."



"Leo! Have you seen the diaper bag? We can't leave without it."

Leo walks into the room carrying our son. "It's downstairs. I just finished packing it with the formula and an extra bottle just in case he decides to melt it again."

I laugh and say, "Hey that wasn't his fault. How was I supposed to know Dragons matured early? I didn't know that burping him might cause him to breathe fire."

Leo kisses my cheek and says, "We'll get the hang of it. He is our first child after all. There'll be a lot of things we don't know but will learn in time. Parenting has it's own learning curve. Now, Craven has been fed and should sleep the entire trip to your brother's place. I'd let you teleport us but with Craven being a newborn I don't want to take any chances so we'll fly."

I grab the little backpack thing Leo got me for such occasions so I can strap Craven to my chest and follow him downstairs.



Arariel comes running into the room panting harshly. "Pestilence, Jaharan! I have amazing news."

Jaharan and I walk over to him, "What is it? Tell us."

Arariel smiles and says, "I located that doctor friend i mentioned the one who works with paranormal gay couples to create a child from both their DNA. He's willing to mix all three of ours together for our surrogate so we don't have to choose. Our child will likely be a hybrid though because of it. That's not saying he or she will get all of our powers but it's probable that he or she will have at least two out of three."

With a grin i pull both my mates in for a hug and kiss. "That's amazing. I can't wait to tell everyone the good news. How soon can we start the insemination process?"

Arariel says, "As soon as we decide on a surrogate."

Jaharan says, "Then we better finish screening them."

I laugh and say, "After Christmas dinner."

Arariel says, "If we want to make it on time we have to leave now."

I nod and say, "Let's go then."



It's a disaster..... Tao's mom had to take his father to see the doctor when he fell off a ladder and broke his leg. Sure, being a shifter it would heal but the bone was protruding from the side of his leg and needed a doctor's attention. She left Tao and i in charge of dinner. Not that we'd told anyone else about that. Tao was going to cook but in his condition i wouldn't let him anywhere near the kitchen and now, i kind of wish i'd at least let him supervise.

Hearing voices, i groan.....shit my brothers are here.

Death walks into the kitchen followed by the rest of the family...."What the hell happened in here?"

Pasting a bright smile on my face i grab the pan in front of me, turn and say, "Exploding turkey anyone?"

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