Watson and Sherlock

(Furry Tails Book 3)

(Watson and Sherlock is book three in the Furry Tails series and loosely based on the tale of Beauty and the Beast. Each book can be read as a standalone.)

Beau Sapphire is a dragon shifter who runs his own PI/Security firm. When Beau’s best friend Price decided to leave their clan to start his own, Beau went with him to help set it up and now acts as Price’s beta. Between his business responsibilities, dealing with the new clan, and the threats he’s been getting Beau has his hands full. Throw his mother’s attempts at matchmaking into the mix and you get a recipe for disaster in the form of a stressed-out dragon. Something that’s proven when Beau meets his mate during a job interview.

Bastien “Beast” Kantrava is a black lion shifter and police officer who is doing all he can to help take care of his sick younger sister now that their mom is gone. With medical expenses piling up Beast has to take an extra job to make sure he can cover what insurance isn’t paying for. He doesn’t expect to meet his mate during a job interview or to seriously dislike the man after a few minutes in his presence but, he does.

Bad first impressions, matchmaking galore, and a stalker with an agenda are just a few of the things these two have to contend with to get their happily ever after. Will they persevere or lose their future to an unseen enemy?
(Warning: Contains graphic sexual content, Mpreg elements, and explicit language. Not recommended for those under the age of 18.)



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