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This list, shows the order of which my interconnecting series should be read. 

  1. An Alpha for the Demigod (Asphalt Bay One)

  2. The Enforcer's Secret Vampire (Asphalt Bay Book Two)

  3. The Beta's Poison Bite (Asphalt Bay Book Three)

  4. Taming the Feral Tiger (Asphalt Bay Book Four) 

  5. The Alpha's Master (Venetian Hills Book One)

  6. The Second's Cursed Mate (Venetian Hills Book Two)

  7. The Doctor's Demon Prince (Asphalt Bay Book Five)

  8. The Leopard's Twin Troubles (Asphalt Bay Book Six)

  9. The Beta's Second Chance (Venetian Hills Book Three)

  10. The Panther's Favorite Bully (Venetian Hills Book Four)

  11. The Warlock's Beautiful Bird (Asphalt Bay Book Seven)

  12. The Demon's Gruff Councilman (Asphalt Bay Book Eight) 

  13. The Councilman's Miniature Companion (Asphalt Bay Book Nine)

  14. The Demon's Mythical Birds (Venetian Hills Five)

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