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Asphalt Bay Series Updates :D

So I've noticed a lot of questions from readers in the reviews on book one of this series. Some want to know if it will focus on Lykos and Declan and some want to know why it is that I chose the name Asphalt Bay. Basically this blog post is going to clarify some of those questions.

1. Will the series focus on Lykos and Declan? No, it will not. Each book is about a different couple however there is the possibility for them to have a second one and they will reappear throughout the series. Which so far is projected to have ten books maybe more.

2. Why did I choose Asphalt Bay? Well Asphalt Bay is an inside joke. My parents work in the construction business and have done so for over thirty years. They work with Asphalt and pave the roads. My dad runs the roller that flattens it out and my mom is a loader operator. She loads the trucks with stone, loads the bins with the stone at the plant to make the Asphalt etc. It was a way for me to honor their unwavering support of my writing other than putting it into a dedication or Acknowledgements.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any other questions whether it's here, on my website, on goodreads, or on my facebook page. I will do my best to respond quickly. I look forward to hearing from you :)

P.S I'm on Chapter Six of book two and I hope to finish it soon. It's coming along quite well so I hope you enjoy Kira and Josh as much as you enjoyed Declan and Lykos :)

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