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Freebie Shorts #10 (*Double Feature* Howl-o-ween Howliday/Devil's Night Bash)

(Apologies! I know this freebie is about two months late. I moved into a new house and because of that I got a little behind on my freebies so I'm trying to catch up now. Here's a double feature Halloween themed freebie. Hope you enjoy it! Keep an eye out for the winter theme one coming soon in the next few weeks!)

Howl-o-ween Howliday


"Come on love, we're going to be late!"

"Hold your horses hot stuff. A masterpiece this good takes time. I'm almost done."

Rolling my eyes, I check my watch one more time and pray that my brother in law won't be too upset about our tardiness. My mate does love to go all out for the holidays. This years costume is supposed to be a surprise so i have no idea what he's going as. Last year, we coordinated costumes but after sitting in a chair for two hours while he glued whiskers to my face and did my makeup, I decided this year I'd let him do his thing and I'd go as something simple. Pretty sure Tyr called it Lumerjack Chic. All I had to do was buy an ax at the hardware store to go with the flannel shirt and jeans.

After Declan took over as Alpha and his son Talon was born he decided to bring back the Halloween howl-ithon. It's basically a festival that lasts all night on Halloween. It starts with a pot luck dinner and everyone dresses up. The kids go from house to house on pack lands, trick or treating and once the fun activities are over, we let our wolves out to run. Back in the old days we'd go around scaring the local villagers and what not, it's what inspired the legends about us but then we realized secrecy is our best ally and that tradition is no longer celebrated.

I check my watch one more time and roll my eyes. "Come on Tyrant! If you don't get your fine ass down here in the next thirty seconds I'm leaving without you!"

Boots thump on the stairs as my mate makes his way down. "I told you I was almost done hot stuff. Let's go."

Looking up from my watch, i can't help but gape as i take in my mate's costume. Six inch spiked platform boots cover his feet and are almost knee high. He's wearing skin tight black leather pants, and a just as tight black muscle top. His fingernails are painted the usual black and he's got silver jewelry donning most of his fingers. Completing the look is the long black wig and the face paint. The makeup is so perfectly done there isn't a single line out of place. You can tell he spent hours getting it right.

With a smile i say, "So which one are you?"

He rolls his eyes, "The Starchild apparently since I play bass. This is the last time i coordinate costumes with the guys. I wanted to dress as Gene but Kira got dibs on that one."

I take his hand and say, "Well, i think you look great. I can't wait to peel those pants off you later."

He waggles his eyebrows at me. "Oh really?"


"Well, let's get going then. We wouldn't want to be late for the party Lykos is throwing. You know how he gets."

"I am aware love."



"Has anybody seen Declan?" The group i'm currently addressing shakes their heads in the negative.

Growling, I say to myself "If he doesn't show up in the next five minutes i'm going to hunt his ass down and it won't be pretty."

Talon, my gorgeous little one looks up at me and says, "What's ass?"

Fuck....Declan is going to kill me for teaching him another curse word. By the time he's in school the kid is going to be a potty mouth. Oh well, guess i better teach him when not to use those words. It'll be a lot easier than trying to get him to stop saying them. Smiling at my son i say, "Ass is a bad word. You shouldn't use it until you're older."


Whew...dodged a bullet there.

Declan finally makes his way through the crowd and says, "Sorry i'm late, got held up in a meeting. Thank you for kick-starting the festival in my place. Have you eaten yet?"

"Yes. The trick or treating portion of the night is about to start and i didn't want to take Talon around without you."

"Okay. Let me just grab a bite to eat real quick and we'll go."




He pulls me in for a kiss and says, "I missed you both."

"We missed you too. Go grab some food. We'll wait here."

Looking around the crowd, i spot Wyatt and Tyr crossing the lawn. Wyatt dressed as a Lumberjack and Tyr dressed as one of the guys from KISS like the rest of his bandmates. Kira and Josh are sitting at a picnic table eating, Josh is dressed like the terminator while Kira is dressed like a KISS member. Caleb and Law coordinated costumes and are playing one of the many games we have set up. They're dressed like Batman and Mr. Freeze because obviously one of them refused to be the other's sidekick. It's kind of funny. Now that everyone has arrived we can get this party started.

Clearing my throat i use my godlike voice to shout, "All right everyone! The trick or treating will begin in a few minutes then after that is over, everyone who is participating in the howl-i-thon portion will shift. The howl-i-thon ends at dawn and remember do not enter town! Scaring villagers is a tradition that went out of practice a long time ago and we will not be picking it back up tonight. With that, Happy Halloween and Have fun!!"

I take one of Talon's hands while Declan takes the other and we walk together to the first person giving out candy.

Talon trips over a stump and yells, "Ass!"

Declan looks at me with a raised eyebrow, and i cover my face with a hand, trying not to laugh.


Devil's Night Bash


"Are you sure you want to go?"

Aiden smiles excitedly. "Of course! I've never been to one of your bosses parties and my parents already offered to watch the kids. Let's go have some fun!"

I laugh and say, "Okay sweetheart. Prepare yourself though, Hell is a lot different than here and the trip won't be easy on you."

He pats my cheek and says, "I know. You've explained it multiple times. Let's go."

I wrap my arms around him and use my powers to teleport us outside of Lucifer's castle in Hell. There's a throng of people already making their way inside and I find myself hoping that this year there isn't an all out orgy like some years before. My brothers couldn't make it this year. Famine just had a kid, Tao is due any day so they couldn't make the trip. Pestilence and his mates are screening surrogates so they aren't in a partying mood, too focused on starting their family.

Which is great, I'm glad my brothers are finally starting families of their own, still it would've been nice to have someone I know around. Besides old friends i don't really associate with anymore. Oh well, my mate wants to have fun and Lucifer does throw one hell of a shindig.

I hand the demon guard our invitation as we enter the castle. The place is literally hopping with people. Music is blaring through the halls, food is being passed around on trays along with drinks. Demons and other creatures alike are all dressed to the nines. Lucifer himself is seated on his throne at the front of the large room. If i;m honest i'd say the man looks bored. He's wearing his usual attire of black leather pants and black muscle top. His long black hair is pushed back from his face, showing off his horns, He's resting his head on a fist as he stares out over the crowd. A glass of wine is held in his other hand and he has a leg thrown over the arm of his throne. I can't help but feel like he's throwing this party just because he always throws one. It's not something he actually wants to do. His expression gives nothing away but his eyes, his eyes tell a different story.

Guiding my mate through the throngs of people I head straight for the throne. "Evening old friend."

Lucifer smiles and says, "Death! I wasn't aware you were coming tonight, please join me. Let's chat."

He snaps his fingers and a chair appears next to him. I take a seat and pull my mate into my lap.

Lucifer says, "And who is this?"

"This is my mate, Aiden."

He takes Aiden's hand and kisses it. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you. Thank you for taking such good care of my horseman."

Aiden laughs and says, "It's nice to meet you too."

With the introductions out of the way, I turn to Lucifer and say, "So, old friend, what's on your mind? You seem a bit distracted."

He sighs and says, "So you noticed? Figures it wouldn't escape your attention. I'm tired is all. Lonely and tired. I'm thinking about leaving Hell for a little vacation and letting my princes run things for a bit."

"Where will you go?"

A mischievous grin crosses his features as he says, "I'm thinking Muspell. Hear that place is hot."

"Well, I hope you find what you're looking for there. If you'll excuse me, I promised my mate a night of fun."

Lucifer laughs and says, "Of course, enjoy the party. We'll talk again soon."

"See you, old friend."

As I lead Aiden back down the stairs toward the throng of people, I hear Lucifer shout behind me, "Hey! Stop calling me old!"



I hope you've enjoyed these two freebies and again I'm sorry for the delay on them. Please keep an eye out for the Winter one ;) I haven't decided what it will be about yet but I'm thinking a snowed in type story will be what I'll be going for. ;) It should pop up in the next few weeks once I get it written.

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