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Freebie Short #1 (Giving Birth Demigod Style)


"You aren't going to work are you?"

Lykos turns to me and says, "Of course I am. Why?"

"Why? You're this close to giving birth! Going out on some dangerous job in your condition is insane!"

He waves me off, "Don't worry sweetness i'll be fine."

"Like hell!" I run over and block the door. "I'm not letting you leave."

He narrows his eyes at me. "Step aside sweetness. I can handle myself. Overly pregnant or not. If the job was too dangerous I wouldn't be going but it isn't so I will be. Now move. Don't make me get rough with you."

Switching gears, I flash him a wicked grin and say, "I like it when you get rough with me."

He strokes my cheek and says, "As tempting as that offer is love I have to get going. I'll see you in a bit."

Sighing I say, "No, I'll go with you. Otherwise I'll just worry myself into an early grave."

He shrugs and says, "Fine. Let's go."

We walk out of the house to his SUV and I make him get in on the passenger side. Can't have him driving. He'll just have to give me directions.

The trip turns out to be a long one. After driving for hours I'm beginning to worry about Lykos. He's hunched up against the car door and his face is scrunched up like he's in pain. I thought he was sleeping since we've been on the same road for a while now but I guess that's not the case. Then there's the storm I've run into all of a sudden. I'm starting to think something is definitely wrong here.

As we come upon a rest area I decide to pull over. Turning to Lykos, i stroke his cheek and say, "Are you alright babe?"

The look he levels me with would skin the hide off Hades himself. "You scum-sucking, wet-dream looking, cock-demon bastard. I swear to the Fates if you ever do this to me again I'll personally give you a vasectomy."

Holding back a laugh I say, "I take it it's time then?"

"Of course it is you magic dick alpha wench!"

I shake my head, chuckling. His attempt at cursing me is adorable. Thinly veiled compliments. My wolf is practically dancing under the attention. However, there isn't any place nearby for him to safely have this baby which means we're basically up shits creek without a paddle.


I've never felt such pain in my entire life. So help me, if this ever happens again I'll strangle my mate first then make a trip to Olympus and strangle my uncle. Crazy ass old man giving me this ability as a birthday gift. Don't get me wrong I love that I'm able to carry my child but it will never happen again. I might be a vindictive asshole and transfer the ability to Declan in the future if we decide to have another. Let him go through this agony. Ooh yeah, payback. I probably shouldn't have taken the job Valik offered me. The lengthy trip was definitely a bad idea. Bet my little kiddo thinks like his dad. Protecting me from doing something dangerous by coming into the world a bit early. The job wasn't dangerous at all though. I would've been pulling guard duty helping a herd of rabbit shifters relocate. Simple. But the men in my life seem to think otherwise. Declan doesn't know we're having a boy. He wants to be surprised but I wanted to know so when we had that scan I made him leave the room. I've been secretly stocking the nursery with boy items ever since. Keeping them well hidden.

Ow shit, that one really hurt. With me not having the proper equipment to give birth naturally like a woman or an omega wolf shifter I was supposed to have a C-section. Good thing I did a ton of research about the process because it seems I'll have to do it myself.

I turn to look at Declan who has this worried expression on his face. "Grab my kit out of the back."

His eyes widen and he says, "No way. Are you crazy?"

Growling I say, "This kid is coming now whether we like it or not! If I don't get him out now we could both die! GET ME MY SHIT OR I'LL SHOCK YOUR ASS!!"

I shoot mini bolts of lightening from my fingertips for emphasis. He nods and says, "Okay, calm down babe. I'll get it." He sprints around to the back of the SUV and grabs my bag from the back.

He holds it open for me and I grab what I need. A knife, my emergency first aid kit with everything known to man in it, and one of my thick sweater shirts.

Just as I'm about to give myself a C-section I find myself with an arm full of screaming baby boy. Declan's eyes widen as he says, "Holy shit. Did our baby just teleport?"

I look down at our son who has storms swirling in his eyes and laugh. "I think he did."

Declan says, "He?"

I nod. "We have a son."

"What should we call him? If I remember correctly you won the rock-paper-scissors match that decided who got to pick the boy name."

I laugh and say, "True. I did. Let's call him Talon Cassidy-Devine. A strong name for a strong boy."

Declan smiles and says, "Talon it is. So mate of mine, think you have enough energy to teleport us home? Our boy is going to need something to eat and a check up from Doc."

I kiss his cheek and say, "Can do love."

It only takes a second and we're home, sitting in our driveway like we haven't got a care in the world.

(I hope you enjoyed this short! The inside look into the relationships you love outside of what happens in the books :) Keep an eye out for more!!)

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