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Alpha for the Demigod Updates!! :D

So first off here's the lovely ebook cover! the paperback actually looks a bit different. I'm currently on chapter nine and it is coming along nicely. This is going to be a short novel so I only expect a few more chapters before I've finished the writing part of the process. Then it'll be on to editing and publishing. :D

So here's the synopsis for you lovelies, I'll post a teaser once it gets closer to being done! Enjoy :)

StartFragmentDeclan Devine is the soon to be Alpha of the Asphalt Bay Pack. He's a total playboy that refuses to settle down. He enjoys having his pick of any partner with no regard for what's between their legs. Well, until his father decides to force him into a mating before becoming Alpha. With no time to search for his true mate, Declan chooses the next best candidate. Everything goes as planned until the night of the bachelor party. That is when things take a drastic turn. Liam "Lykos" Cassidy is a very powerful demigod. The result of a joining between the sea god Poseidon and a wolf shifter. Favored by his uncle Zeus, Lykos has extra special abilities given to him by Zeus himself. As a "Fixer" for the Paranormal Council he uses his abilities and knowledge to solve any problems that arise. Bordering on psychotic with some of the things he does, he's a force to be reckoned with. After walking the world alone for centuries he's ready to find someone to settle down with but he doubts that the fates would ever give him someone to call his own. Until one fateful night, everything changes. Will Lykos finally have someone to call his own despite his frigid yet socially awkward personality? Will Declan reject the gift given to him by fate for the sake of duty? Or will everything go the way fate decided it should? EndFragment

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