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Character Name Pronunciations!! (This post will be updated regularly as new characters emerge)

All is Fair in Love and War - Vlad Dracul III (Vlad, Drac-yewl), Rygart Van Helsing (Ry-gart, Van Hel-sing)

The Director - Gideon Grey (Gid-ee-on, Grey), Ethan Tod aka Anubis (Ee-th-an, Tod, An-oo-bis)

Be My Prince - Aaron Duvall (Air-on, dew-vahl), Jason Velez (Jay-son - Vel-ez)

Taming the Feral Tiger - Caleb Devine (Cay-leb, Deh-veen), Lawliet Tremaine (Law-lee-et, Tre-maine)

Sen - Sen (Like Ten but with an S), Narvi (Rhymes with Barbie)

Azazel - Loki (Low-key), Azazel (Ah-zah-zel), Odin (Oh-din), Raphael (Raph-ael), Michael (Mich-ael)

The Beta's Poison Bite - Tyr/Tyrant Degray (Tear, Tea-rahnt, Dee-gray), Wyatt Devine (Wyatt, Deh-veen), Altair (All-tie-ear), Alaric (All-rick), Mishka (Mee-sh-ka)

The Four Horsemen (Formerly D.F.W.P)- Death or Damien Bruschard (Dam-ien, Brew-Shard), Aiden Blake (Ai-den, Bl-ake), Famine or Florian Bruschard (Fam-ine, Flo-rian, Brew-Shard), Leo Malkin (Leo, Mal-kin), War or Warrick Bruschard (War, War-rick, Brew-Shard), Tao Wright (Pronounced like Towel but without the E and L, Wright), Pestilence or Paisley Bruschard (Pest-ilence, Pais-ley, Brew-Shard), Arariel (Arar-iel), Jaharan Radvanni (Ja-ha-ran, Rad-van-ie)

The Enforcer's Secret Vampire - Kira McAlister (Key-rah, Mick-Al-ister), Joshua Devine (Josh-ua, Deh-veen), Altair (All-tie-ear), Tyr/Tyrant (Tear, Tea-rahnt), Alaric (All-rick), Mishka (Mee-sh-ka)

Alpha for the Demigod - Lykos Cassidy - (Lie-k-hose, Cassidy), Declan Devine (Deck-lahn, Deh-veen) Krealik (Cray-Lick), Valik (Vah-Lick)

Don't Fear the Reaper - Gabriel Anghelescu (Anghe-lescu)

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