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Next WIP :) (Plus the paperback cover reveal to TESV!!)

So first! Here is the gorgeous cover for the paperback of The Enforcer's Secret Vampire. The release date is only a few short days away :) I've already started writing my next book and while I'm still back and forth on how the title should go but I can tell you that it's a Paranormal M/M romance revolving around the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Each horseman will get his own story but all four will be released as one book. Currently, I have no set release date for that one because I'm going to be writing it while working on getting settled into my home office. So, it may take a little while but it's going really well right now and I could possibly have it finished before I get my home office finished. Either way that's what I'm working on now. I do have a title and characters set for book three of the Asphalt Bay Pack series and it will most likely come up next after the four horsemen book is finished. I'll also be doing a normal M/M romance that isn't Paranormal. I have a title and characters for it as well. That's all the updates I have for you right now :) Enjoy the rest of your week :) - Ezra

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