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Freebie Short #2 (Forest Shenanigans)


It started out as a normal run. Kira and I were just going to have a bit of fun in the forest. Me in my wolf form and him following with his vampire speed. The problem? My wolf caught the scent of something interesting and now we've spent the last three hours tracking it down. Kira seems content to run alongside me but my human half is getting annoyed with my wolf half. Normally, we'd have given up by now but noo...he wants to find whatever it is that smells so interesting. Knowing my wolf half like I do this can only end one of two ways, bad and very very bad.

As the scent steadily grows stronger I know we're getting close. Soon we'll have our pray. I'm practically salivating at the thought. Seriously, it's kind of disgusting the amount of drool that's escaping my mouth. Kira thinks it's funny. I do my best attempt at a glare in wolf form but it probably comes across as more of a squint. He laughs at my expression then sends a message through our mind link.

How much further?

Not too much farther. The scent is a lot stronger now.

There's some rustling in the bushes ahead of us and we both freeze. We're downwind so whatever it is we're hunting shouldn't be able to scent us. We'll have to lure it out though. Attacking blind won't do much good if we miss.

Kira looks down at me and whispers, "So, now that we've tracked this thing down what's next?"

We have to lure it out somehow.


I don't know. Throw a stick or something.

He picks up a decent sized stick and throws it into the bushes. There's an ungodly roar as the stick connects with something. Suddenly, a gargantuan sized grizzly bear comes barreling out of the brush straight towards us.

Kira shouts, "Oh shit! Run!"

We both take off in the opposite direction. Away from the bear.

This is all your fault!!

Kira shouts at me. "My fault?! You told me to throw the stick!"

I didn't think you actually would.

He rolls his eyes at me and says, "Crap it's gaining on us run faster! Go! Go! Go!"

It's like watching a slow motion cartoon movie reel. He trips and lands on his face but his forward momentum pushes him through a front flip and he's back on his feet running once more. "I'm okay. If anyone asks that never happened."

I nod in agreement. When our house comes into view we dive through the back door and slam it shut.

"I've never shifted in midair so fast before in my life."

He nods. "Do you think it's gone?"

"I'm not about to walk out there and look."

"Me either."

He looks at me and licks his lips, "Soo....shall we go christen the new furniture?"

I pull him in for a kiss and say, "Sounds like a plan to me. Count to ten then come find me."

I take off towards the stairs laughing at his expression. Damn, life is good.

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