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Freebie Shorts #3 (A Graveyard Shift Prequel)

(Warning!! The events in this freebie take place before book three of The Graveyard Shift!! This is a teaser prequel written from the POV of one of the Fates. It leads up to the beginning of book three. Hope you enjoy it. :D)


I'm looking through the mirrored portal that lets us watch over everyone and their destinies when my sister Lachesis bursts into the room.

"Sister! Do you hear it?"

I nod. "Yes. Gideon Gray is pleading for our help. I'm watching him now. Even though we don't normally do so, we shall intervene."

Her eyes widen. "You mean..."

"Yes. I've asked Clotho to check our list of fated pairs. We're going to deliver Gideon's mate to him."

At that moment Clotho comes running into the room. "Atropos! There's a problem!"

I turn to her. "What problem?"

She holds up a sheet of parchment and says, "Gideon Gray isn't paired! We've missed one!"

"That's impossible! We pair them at birth either with someone born earlier, at the same time, or later. We can't just miss one! He should've been paired already. Let me see that paper."

She hands me the paper and I scan it. Eyes widening at the notation beside the pairing. "Oh that's right. I missed this one on purpose."

My sisters gasp. "But why?"

"You know I see the future of each pairing before we pair them so I can determine deaths. I saw this exact moment and more. In order to create this outcome I labeled him a D.N.P, Do Not Pair."

They shout, "A D.N.P?! We never label anyone D.N.P! Sister how could you?!"

"Oh hush, do you want me to help pair him or not?"

They fold their arms and glare at me. "Of course we do. You have someone in mind then?"

I nod. "Yes but we need to take a trip."

Their eyebrows skyrocket. "A trip? Where?"


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