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Freebie Shorts #5 (Talon's First Easter)


Why did I think decorating Easter eggs was a good idea? Oh right, because my mate is away on a job and I wanted to give my son the best first Easter ever even if he'll never remember it. That being said, I have no idea what I'm doing. It's been years since I dyed Easter eggs and the pack is doing some sort of Easter egg hunt with the pups like they do every year. This year, I decided to pitch in and help with the eggs. Even though Talon is too young to participate in the hunt itself I'll still take him. He's watching me from his high chair and I swear I've got over 100 eggs here. Fates, this is going to take hours. Do I even have enough dye kits? I'm not sure but we'll find out.

Trying to balance caring for my son and decorating Easter eggs isn't an easy task. Somewhere along the line I must have a brief moment of insanity because I enlist Talon's help in the decorating process. Not a good all. The first thing he does is pick up the bowl of blue egg dye and dumps it on himself while I watch in horror. His cute little Easter outfit is now blue instead of white. Lykos is going to kill me. He wasn't even supposed to be wearing it yet but because I'm an idiot when half asleep it's the first thing I grabbed to dress him in.

Of course, because I have no luck at all, my gorgeous mate chooses that exact moment to walk through the door.

He looks around the warzone I once called a kitchen and says, "What happened here?"

"I volunteered to dye easter eggs for the egg hunt."

"Ugh huh. You know you could've bought plastic ones and filled them with candy right? Kids seem to like them more anyways. Dyed eggs might look pretty but there's nothing inside them a kid would want. But, I guess the fun is in finding them."

Glaring at him I say, "You're telling me I just boiled 100 eggs maybe more and I could've saved myself the trouble by buying plastic eggs?"

He nods. "Yep. It's why I told you to wait until I got home before we did anything with eggs."

I vaguely remember that conversation. Probably because we were both naked when we had it and I was focused on something else not what he was saying.

Lykos sees Talon sitting in the sink and moves to pick him up. "Why is he wearing his easter outfit? and how in the hell is it blue?"

Biting my lip praying he isn't too pissed at me, I say, "It's my fault. I was half asleep and it was the first thing I grabbed. It stayed pretty clean until I enlisted his help with decorating and he dumped blue dye all over himself. I'm sorry babe."

He smiles at me and says, "No worries sweetness, it's nothing a little mojo can't fix."

"You aren't mad?"

He kisses my cheek and says, "Of course not. Besides he's ruined outfits before with a lot worse."

I shudder just thinking about those times. "Ugh, don't remind me."

Waving his hand, he cleans Talon up and says, "So, shall we finish these eggs?"

I nod. "Yeah, there's only fifty more to go."

He laughs. "Okay, Mr. Sarcasm let's get this done."

WIth the two of us working together and Lykos using a bit of his magic we finish the eggs in record time. Stowing them all safely in a container we make our way to the clearing where the hunt will take place. Getting there early is a must, you have to hide all the eggs before the kids arrive otherwise they'll know where you hid them. With shifters its a bit harder. We have to mask our scents when we hide the eggs because the little ones will sniff them out in a heartbeat and that takes away all the fun.

Once the eggs have been handed over to the group that will hide them, Lykos and I find a place to sit and wait for others to arrive. It's going to be a day full of laughter, fun and festivities. A perfect holiday.

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