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Freebie Shorts #6 (Little Sister is a Bully??)


I've been tasked with babysitting my younger sister while my parents are away on their second honeymoon. I've been taking care of Alpha related problems from my house because of it. My sister can fend for herself but she's still of a tender age where she can't be left alone. To keep her from wandering and getting herself into trouble I've put her on Talon duty. She's keeping an eye on the little guy while I get some work done. It would be so much easier if Lykos were here to help me but he's away on a job right now. Two more days and he'll be back. I hope. If nothing outstanding happens then he should be back on time. Better shut up about it before I jinx him.

My stomach growls. Hmm...better go make myself some lunch and check on the kiddies. Pushing away from my desk I stand and stretch allowing my muscles to pop. As I make my way towards the kitchen I hear my sister talking to Talon. I almost can't believe what I'm hearing. Making my way into the living room I stop at the entryway to watch. My sister is kneeling in front of Talon's bouncy seat saying, "You think you're some baby officer? Huh, lil' baby? You're not a baby officer!"

Biting back a laugh I say, "What are you talking about?'

She turns to look at me, points at Talon and says, "He looks like a cop! Like he's always wanting to fight somebody!"

I can't hold it in, I double over with laughter. That's the funniest thing I've ever heard! I can't wait to tell Lykos about it. He's going to laugh his ass off. Taking a deep breath I try to calm myself down. With a smile I look at my sister and say, "You want some lunch?"

She flashes a wide grin and says, "Can we have pancakes?"

Laughing I say, "Yeah, we can have pancakes."

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